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The Everdure Caltite System

A time-proven, practical system which produces effectively non-absorbent, ultra-low permeability, highly durable field concrete which eliminates the need for membranes or other methods of waterproofing. Everdure Caltite has a successful track record of more than 50 years helping designers and owners protect concrete structures, even under the most aggressive field conditions.

Everdure Caltite concrete is used in:

  • Acidic environments
  • Basements, tunnels and retaining walls
  • Hygienic environments (i.e. hospitals, abattoirs & food processing plants)
  • Sewage treatment and industrial applications
  • Salt and marine environments
  • Swimming pools, ornamental pools and water tanks

See examples of projects using Everdure Caltite.

Declaration of performance as required by the EU Construction Products Regulation.

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Everdure Caltite System concrete has been used in over 10 million cubic metres of concrete in over 25,000 projects.

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