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Cementaid has been at the forefront of the development of advanced admixtures and surface treatments for concrete since 1954.

This web site is designed to provide details about where Everdure Caltite System concrete can be used. It is not a source of technical information because each project has unique features for which general technical information may not always be applicable.

Please do not hesitate to call us for any information or details and, should you wish, we would be delighted to arrange a convenient time for one of our technical representatives to visit you.

We hope you find this site easy & quick to navigate & look forward to being of service to those discerning people in construction for whom quality and value are more important than expense.

Cementaid (Ireland) Limited
Clifton House, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 01 676 0134 Fax: 01 661 5200

Everdure Caltite System concrete has been used in over 10 million cubic metres of concrete in over 25,000 projects.

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