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click here to arrange a seminar Lunchtime and evening seminars

We would be delighted to have the opportunity to do a seminar at your office and we will pay for sandwiches and light refreshments beforehand.
We have a range of seminars according to what your interest is, though we would recommend that the first listed seminar should be done before any of the others:

  • An introduction to integral concrete waterproofing and the Everdure Caltite System
  • Waterproofing basements
  • Waterproofing swimming pools and tanks
  • Waterproofing concrete decks and suspended structures
  • Concrete for hygienic areas (eg abattoirs or milk processing)
  • Corrosion protection of concrete in aggressive environments
  • Corrosion protection of concrete in marine environments
  • BS EN 934-2:2001, admixtures for concrete, what it says and how it operates

Click here to arrange a seminar.

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Everdure Caltite System concrete has been used in over 10 million cubic metres of concrete in over 25,000 projects.

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